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Google Advertising Services

Google Advertising Services

Elevate your business to the utmost level with the latest Google Ads techniques used by the best Google ads management company in Bangladesh.


Get The Most Value Out Of Your Spend Through Ongoing Optimization & Deep Analysis.

Google is the world’s largest and most powerful network with a reach of more than 80% internet users. And, Google AdWords is a proven medium for reaching out to the target customers on Google at the very right moment. Reach to the audience who is already interested in the product or service you’re offering with our Google Ads management services.

Measured Results

You can track and measure all of your campaigns in one dashboard. And by linking your Google Ads and Analytics accounts, you can find out more than ever before about what marketing works for your store and what doesn't.

Pulls in Quality Traffic

Traffic from search engines is considered as is the most potential traffic because people are actually searching for the product/service you’re offering. So, advertising on Google Ads helps you to get more leads and revenue for your online business.

Instant Results

With Google Ads, you can bring in results instantly even just after the ad has been approved, or usually within one day after the ad has gone live. Also, Google Ads can help you to find more potential keywords for organic marketing as well.

Unmatched Targeting

The benefit of the PPC targeting options is that you are able to reach those people who aren’t already in your audience along with those who have been already exposed to your brand as you have many options to widen a net which you want to cast.

Why you Should Hire?

Lot’s of digital marketing benefits.


Our Google AdWords Campaign Management Services

Search Network Campaign

Search network campaigns being the most crucial ad campaigns drive leads and revenue for the businesses. At TIS, our expert team monitors the progress and engagement of your search network advertising campaigns to adjust bids, ads, and keywords to best reflect it to the traffic that will engage most positively on your website.

Display Network Campaign

Display network campaigns have a broad reach and can help you promote your brand whilst generating product awareness. However, to make display network advertising a profitable channel for your business, you need professionals. We develop the display campaigns which encourage people to notice your brand, consider your products and take action

Shopping Campaign

Shopping Ads are the ones that let you advertise your e-commerce products at the top of search engine results pages. And, the most widely used shopping ads platform is Google Shopping Ads or Google Product Listing Ads. We set-up and optimize shopping ads in order to get more sales, revenue and ROI.

Responsive Ad Campaign

The responsive ad is an ad that automatically adjusts its size, appearance, and format to fit the available ad spaces on the Google Display Network. At TIS, we create responsive display ad campaigns, monitor, optimize, and analyze their performance. So, get a professionally designed ad campaign by taking advantage of our Google Ads Management Service.

App Campaign The team of PPC experts at TIS has accumulated vast experience with App Install Campaigns during the recent years. So, from managing Universal App Campaigns to running Ads directly on the App Store on iOS and Play Store on Android, we have done it all. Moreover, our hand-picked network of quality publishers helps you achieve a higher number of installs. Landing Page Optimization Being the top Google Adwords management agency, we cater our clients with sales-driven landing page design & optimization services. So, everything that is required to make your landing page engaged, such as creating/designing new landing pages or keeping the track of all the statistics, we will manage this all for you

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