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Contract Type

Contracted Development

Contracted development allows you to develop custom-made products without an in-house IT engineer in the company. You just explain your requirement and pay for the delivered product.


The advantage of outsourcing an IT project is that your project will not rely on your in-house IT engineer. The project will launch on time with less budget unless you make an additional request or change your requirement in the middle of the process. No hiring fee, no time-consuming, and no over-employment after the project.

Development Flow

Assigned Task

On-Demand Development

On-Demand Despatch Development

message.On-demand despatch development allows you to manage the IT engineer assigned by JBC. JBC will assign a qualified IT engineers team based on your requirement. Those IT engineers will only work on your project from Bangladesh within the contract and you can manage their tasks. You will pay for the duration of the contract.


On-demand despatch development will suitable for the companies who have It projects constantly managed by in-house IT team and want to bust IT engineers in both the short to medium term. Dedicated IT engineers will work on your project flexibly based on your management.

Development Flow

Assigned Task

You can manage the tasks for the assigned engineer based on the contract.Y

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Technical Competence

iOS app / Android / PC

We develop apps for iOS, Android, and PC as well as games. Enables support for multiple devices and OS updates for native apps, hybrid apps, and cross-platform apps.

WEB Services

Develop a corporate website, Web service, or E-commerce website based on your requirement.SYSCON SOLUTION covers from making specifications to debugs with front-end engineer, back-end engineer, and database engineer if it is necessary.

Business Process System

Develop a custom-made brand new system, upgrade or add new functions for the internal system such as HR, sales operation, or Customer Relationship Management. The delivered product will more fit with your daily routine tasks compared with the packaged product since we develop your system based on your requirement.

System maintenance/Operation

Maintenance or operation of your internal system, and the web server. Also available for the recent development order.You will have two options contracted development or on-demand development depending on your IT team.

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